The Hair of The Dog

We’ve all had that great night out. A night when the music may be loud and glasses are clinking with cheer, or quieter evenings in – when that special cabernet pairs a little too nicely with your perfectly grilled steak. Either way, tomorrow always seems forever away… Until it is here, and so is your headache.

Hangover symptoms (headache, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, irritability, exhaustion) are all real medical conditions. These neurological conditions are caused by a true depletion of vitamins and minerals necessary for your body and nervous system to function properly. It’s not easy to quickly recover from the effects of a hangover. If the symptoms are severe enough, people can even find themselves in the ER (with another major headache of the bill).

I’m sure you’ve practiced a miracle temporary cure, “The Hair of The Dog.” Put that idea back in the doghouse; it only prolongs the hangover. Let me advise¬†you of a better H of The D, the Hydration of The Drip.

IV rehydration therapy can quickly restore you to recover from all of the hangover symptoms. The combination of IV fluids with electrolytes, vitamins and minerals are directly delivered into the body via the vein, which allows you to absorb 90-100% of these nutrients. In addition, medications for pain, inflammation and stomach upset can also be added to your treatment.

Receiving IV hydration also quickly improves blood circulation throughout the body. This helps flush the toxins out of the liver, and rids these toxins through the kidneys. The electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, help to boost energy and strength. 

An IV infusion drip that contains these essential ingredients can provide fast and efficient relief from the effect of a hangover. Once the IV has begun, it takes approximately one hour or less to infuse, which ultimately can get you back to feeling great and active in no-time!

That brunch beverage can be fun – but, if you really want to feel and be better, call for an IV. We can be there in no time, accommodate groups and really add back to your body, what it’s missing to be back in action!

So, go ahead and kick the dog; the drip is the true party rock star!